Andrew King
#1 for Cambridge School Committee

About Andrew King

I am grateful I grew up in Cambridge and attended Cambridge public schools. There, I made lifelong friends from different backgrounds. Building on the quality education we received, we learned to embrace difference, work together, and stand up against injustice. Cambridge schools launched me on a path of community advocacy, participatory education research, and working with marginalized families and neighborhoods. As a School Committee member, I will listen to the concerns of students, parents and educators and will work for quality education for all.


Close Racial & Economic Opportunity Gaps

Close racial and economic opportunity gaps through hiring more educators of color, implementing an anti-racist curriculum, providing wraparound supports for struggling students, and more.
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Support a Fair Contract for Cambridge Educators

Support excellent pay, benefits and working conditions for our educators and restore jobs of paraprofessionals who were cut.
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Replace the MCAS High-Stakes Testing System

Promote statewide efforts to end the MCAS high-stakes graduation requirement which undermines students and educators, and narrows the curriculum; replace the test with alternative forms of assessment.
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Adequate Staffing for Special Education Inclusion

If we want to ensure a high-quality and inclusive education for our scholars who receive special education services, we must provide the additional staffing necessary to ensure they reach their highest potential.
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8th Grade Algebra for All

I support the implementation of 8th grade algebra for all students -- taught in integrated, heterogeneous classrooms. It’s important that the teaching be done in a way that ensures access and supports for struggling students and extra challenges for those that need them.
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Rigorous, Culturally-Affirming Curriculum

Support policies to ensure a rigorous, culturally-affirming curriculum that includes–in addition to math and English–history, science, arts, music, and languages for every student.
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Shared Decision-Making & Collaborative School Governance

Include family, student, and educator voices in education by promoting shared decision-making and collaborative school governance.
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Educate the Whole Child

Promote approaches to educate and nurture the whole child, providing ample play time and recess, social-emotional supports, physical and mental health services.
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Adult Champions & Wrap-Around Supports

Ensure each student has an adult champion with additional academic resources and wrap-around supports for struggling scholars.
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After-School Programs

Provide free or affordable after-school programs, extracurricular activities, sports, and safe recreation spaces for all children.
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